A fresh start or Re-Opening (Different from a Grand-Opening) usually occurs when a business goes through a renovation or expansion. Sometimes it can occur when a business has been closed for some bit of time. A Re-opening (like a grand-opening) is a great opportunity to promote bringing attention to your business within the local community.

In early 2020 millions of businesses across the world were forced to close for an uncertain amount of time. This uncertainty caused many businesses to close their doors, some for good. As most were down to weather out the storm, it gave opportunity for some to remodel, restructure and even reinvent themselves. During 2020 the old saying “Only the strong survive” rang loud throughout the small business community. As fear and challenges were mounting some business owners relied on their passion, confidence, and vision knowing this too shall pass. There would be no better time for them to remodel (that's if they could find a contractor that was willing or permitted to work). 

With indoor dining coming to a near halt in many areas across the country some entrepreneurs took advantage of this time to remodel their business. My local Hibachi restaurant put in new tables, flooring and wallpaper, I think they even added a fish tank behind the bar as well.  I spoke with many other restaurateurs and other business owners that took advantage of this time to make the overdue updates to their businesses. 

Some of those that were able to remodel or restructure their businesses did so out of mere survival. Take restaurants for example. Driving down almost any city block across the country in the summer of 2020 you all the sudden saw outdoor dining areas popping up that were never in existence. In my local town (the suburbs of eastern Long Island NY) even the diner converted half the parking lot into an outdoor dining area. Curb-side pickups and delivery (for those that never offered it)  were just some other innovations that took off during the pandemic. 

With new restaurant dining rooms, businesses remodeled,  and even those that were just simply hunkered down during the pandemic as 2020 came to a close and 2021 was promised to bring light of better days, it was time for these businesses to start to reopen their doors. Many across the country found this as an opportunity as the perfect time for a Grand RE-Opening different from a Grand-Opening a Re-Opening gives already existing businesses an opportunity for a fresh start. 


All successful Re-Openings should include the following: 

  • Date for Reopening - set a date that doesn't conflict with other major events in the local area. Try to choose a weekend and make sure to have a rain date for those just in case bad weather days.
  • Marketing the event - utilize social Media, local boards, email, radio, TV, and Newspapers are a good source
  • Pick a Theme - choose a theme of the event to go along with your brand
  • Ribbon Cutting Ceremony - purchase a large ribbon an scissors and invite your guests to attend - it's great photo opp that you can use on your social channels and local press
  • Branded Hashtag - create a social media branded hashtag and invite your guests to tag pictures of themselves at the event
  • Charity - work with a charity (local if possible) to donate a portion of proceeds to in honor of the Re-Opening
  • Food & Music - this is easier for restaurants but all re-openings should include some sort of food and music of sorts. Some local radio stations will attend re-openings, give your local radio station a call to see if they will attend yours
  • Guest List - invite your existing clients, vendors, and partners
  • Promotional items - something with a company name/logo on them
  • Demos/Workshops - plan some workshops to show off what the business can do. If possible to arrange some around the kids this is always an added benefit as parents love to expose kids to something different and exciting and this will ensure you are leaving a lasting impression in both parents and kids minds for years to come.
  • Samples/Giveaways - provide some promo items, whether it be t-shirts, magnets, stickers or samples of your products. Showcase your business!
  • Local celebrity/influencer - maybe you have one that already shops, dines or patron of your business, if not try to find one and hire them
  • Raffles - a good way to capture potential clients information is a raffle or giveaway. This information can be used later to promote your business, its products and services

Although, the recent pandemic was a great excuse to have a reopening or fresh start to the business you certainly should not wait on one to have a reopening for your business, let's hope we never see another in our lifetime. Any reason can be  a good reason for a fresh start or reopening. 

If you have questions or need help with some reopening ideas give me a call or send me a DM on social -  TwitterFacebookLinkedIn, or Instagram. 

About the Author, James Webster

James Webster, founder and Executive Chairman of ROK Financial has almost two decades of experience within the financial services industry. His passion for helping small business owners and his innovative way of thinking, has allowed him to run multiple successful businesses including National Business Capital & Services. Under the National name, the team was able to help secure over $1 Billion in financing for small businesses nationwide.