As technology develops, more people want to utilize it to help them succeed. Naturally, you’ll want to know how to use technology effectively to improve productivity. If you can incorporate technology, you can help your employees and others succeed.

Ensure you review the multiple points of technology and productivity to understand the relationship, what it offers, and the tools you can utilize.

The Relation Between Technology and Productivity

To know how to use technology to boost productivity, you must understand the relationship between the two. 

  • Acting as a tool
  • Providing additional resources
  • Helping people learn

Above all else, technology works as a tool to help businesses and people accomplish various goals. For example, email exists to let people communicate with each other and share important information and files.

Technology also works as an additional resource to gather and collect information. Not only can it keep track of data and details, but it can organize it to use later on, such as to make decisions for the business or train new employees.

On top of that, you can help people learn their jobs and become better employees by utilizing technology. Since learning continues into the workplace, you’ll want to work with your employees and help them develop into influential team members.

How Technology Can Increase Efficiency in a Business

To know how to utilize technology effectively, you’ll need to understand how it increases efficiency. You should review some examples to see how technology improves efficiency and productivity.

  • Offers more collaboration options
  • Minimizing mistakes
  • Making work more user-friendly

A business wants to utilize collaboration, so technology can help them collaborate. As a result, people have an easier time sharing work and communicating, which saves time for the employees and helps them avoid miscommunication, so they don’t have to fix issues.

Since technology can perform tasks consistently, the programs will make fewer mistakes than employees. On top of that, if employees use technology while they work, they’ll have an easier time catching those mistakes, so they won’t cause problems for the business.

Technology also tends to have a user-friendly design, allowing people to utilize the tools to simplify their work and processes. If you can get your employees to utilize technology, they’ll have an easier time with work and make the entire process more user-friendly.

How to Use Technology to Boost Productivity

Now that you understand how technology can increase efficiency in a business, you’ll want to know how to use technology to boost productivity. That way, you can get started with various technology options and incorporate them into your business strategy.

Looking Into Apps

As you work with your employees and utilize technology, you should see which apps can help them succeed. Since companies have developed various apps to help them with work and various problems, you can look into them to see what you can incorporate into your business.

For example, you could find an app that allows people to clock in and out from their phones, simplifying the process for everyone involved. You can also find apps that let employees update a plan to keep everyone informed when they complete an action.

You can even hire someone to develop an app for your business with specific needs to customize it for your business and its processes.

Utilizing Cloud Services

To make your business more efficient, you’ll want to utilize cloud services. Cloud services allow you to start documents and other data online, so anyone with a password can access the cloud and look through the files as needed.

The cloud makes it easier for everyone to access what they need, so you don’t have to get more people to use the same device. Not only will you save time, but people can update files as needed, allowing everyone to save time and become more efficient with their file sharing.

If your business needs file sharing, you should look into cloud services.

Creating Communication Channels

You can also use technology to go through communication channels and help your employees talk with each other. The communication channels allow you to send messages to all the employees while also allowing them to send personal messages as needed.

You can look into multiple communication channels like email, text messaging, and anything else you think will work for your business. Review the options and see which communication channels your company prefers to get the most out of it.

Since technology can bridge the gap in communication and save time, you’ll help your employees talk with each other and tackle tasks efficiently.

What Is the Most Effective Way to Increase Productivity Using Technology?

You should review automated technology to know the most effective way to increase productivity using technology. Such technology benefits businesses in multiple ways to improve their productivity.

  • Tackling menial tasks
  • Automatically adding and organizing clients
  • Freeing up time for employees

Employees can often become bored with work and lower their efficiency if they must perform menial tasks. However, if you can use automated technology to handle those tasks, such as sending out email newsletters, the tool can take care of them efficiently.

You’ll also come across automated tools that add client information while organizing the details. The process can include adding their payment details for auto-renewal, storing their credit card information in their accounts, and even sending automated emails as needed.

Since automated tools will handle multiple tasks, your employees can focus on other work that matters more. That way, they can maximize their time at work, making them more efficient, so your business saves money and time.

Since automation offers so much flexibility in the business world, you should review the tools available and utilize the best options.


As you understand how to use technology effectively, you can identify ways to incorporate it into your productivity. Do your best to review the options available, see which ones you want to add, and help you and your employees perform well in the workplace.

As you incorporate these concepts into your business, you’ll see the various benefits that apply to it, leading to its growth, improvement, and profits.

About the Author, James Webster

James Webster, founder and Executive Chairman of ROK Financial has almost two decades of experience within the financial services industry. His passion for helping small business owners and his innovative way of thinking, has allowed him to run multiple successful businesses including National Business Capital & Services. Under the National name, the team was able to help secure over $1 Billion in financing for small businesses nationwide.