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After years of hard work and schooling, you finally land your dream job. However, you may feel unprepared for your career once you get there. Even worse, you may feel stagnant as you stop challenging yourself and grow unhappy. Creating learning opportunities in the workplace will force your employees to try harder and reinvigorate their...
Are you wondering how to get a business loan for a restaurant? If you’re one of the many restaurant or bar owners that took a hit during COVID-19, it’s not a surprising question. Small business loans for restaurants are in high demand. Luckily, restaurant owners have several options. There are SBA loan programs, investors, and...
Your relationship with the community is critical for your long-term business success. It all starts with understanding the importance of giving back to the community and outlining a robust game plan. Why it is Important for Your Business to Give Back to the Community So, why is it important for business to give back to...
Launching a new business practice or expanding a current practice should be an exciting part of a doctor’s life, but it’s not a task that is easy or cheap to do. A medical practice loan can be a life-saver for a new family practice or specialist’s office, and it’s designed for medical professionals to address...
I heard this a few years back and at first, my first reaction was “What’s the difference”?  Working IN your business (to me at least) means you own a job, working ON your business means you own a business and you are doing things to grow our business outside of your designated responsibilities. Don’t get...
If you are an owner of a trucking company, knowing where to find funding might be difficult. As a new business start-up or a company struggling to make it through the economic impacts of COVID-19, we know that securing financing is an absolute necessity for a transportation business. Below we will discuss the best loans...
Business planning is absolutely essential in having a successful company. When doing so most set annual and “Long term” goals (i.e. in 5/10 years I want to grow the business to X) This is great and necessary. You also need to set smaller and shorter goals in order to celebrate the mini victories. If your...
You’re going for your dream of opening your own bar, or do you already own and operate one? Before you take the big leap, make sure you’re financially prepared for the expenses ahead. As with many other businesses, there are overhead costs, rent or mortgage payments,  inventory, payroll, taxes, and unexpected expenses that you will...
Being a business owner, we can all relate to the fact that our workload exceeds almost any other person within our organization. We often wear many hats, and juggle multiple tasks and priorities at once. The most important thing I have found over the years to keep myself sane (and organized) is detailing out my...
During these challenging times, it has been difficult for many business owners to stay afloat and remain financially secure. This is especially true for small businesses that are feeling the effects of little to no consumer spending. There are still bills and expenses associated with not only their homes but their business as well. A...
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