While a steady business fully booked through referrals only is a dream, it’s not always a reality, especially for small to medium-sized electrical companies. 

If you’re wondering how to grow an electrical business, marketing (and digital marketing, especially) is your friend. It can help you attract leads, gain more customers, and develop a solid digital brand presence that will boost your reputation and position you as a local electrical expert. 

Here’s how to get started growing your electrical business.

How To Market an Electrical Contracting Business

If you want to learn how to run a successful business, your electrical contracting business marketing plan should be multi-pronged. Electrical business startup costs can be high, but you can start making a profit faster with the right marketing employed.

While you might be more comfortable with traditional marketing opportunities like ads and direct mail letters, try these strategies on for size:

  • Content Marketing - Content marketing shows off your expertise and positions you as the go-to source for all things electrical. It utilizes informational and how-to blog posts as well as social media to share valuable insights and build trust in your company. When someone needs electrical work, they’ll know they can rely on you for helpful service.
  • Word of Mouth - Word of mouth is the ideal source of leads for any electrical business. However, this doesn’t just happen naturally. Customers need a push to share the good news, so consider offering incentives for reviews or referrals to friends and family.
  • Local Directories - Getting your information listed in local business directories is one of the easiest ways for locals to find you. There are tons online, so do some research and develop a plan of action to work your way in.

Now let’s get more specific. While these strategies are a good starting point, you’ll want to employ several tactics with your marketing to grow your business.

Marketing Ideas To Grow Your Electrical Business

If you want to know how to grow your electrical business, look no further. Use these specific ideas right away and see the difference a little marketing can make.

  • Organize Your Contacts in a Database - As you grow your contacts and customers, create a database where you can store all of their contact information so that it’s readily available to use for additional marketing like mail or emails.
  • Be Diligent About Customer Follow Up - After you provide a great customer experience, be sure to follow up to ensure they’re happy with the work you’ve done. Doing this increases the likelihood that they will use you again down the road or refer you to a friend.
  • PPC Advertising - Get in on this digital marketing tactic by creating online advertisements and only paying for the clicks you receive.
  • Email Marketing - Take advantage of your contact list and send out promotions, loyal customer coupons, and any exciting news.
  • Treat All Interactions as Sales Meetings - Whether you’re bidding on a project, meeting with vendors, or hosting someone at your office, use it as an opportunity to discuss your business services and treat the person as a potential customer. 

You never know when they may need work done or when someone they know will ask for a referral.

Now that you know how to market an electrical contracting business, let’s explore the benefits of modifying your electrical business plan.

Creating and Modifying Your Electrical Business Plan

Is electrical contracting a good business? It can be, especially if you have the right electrical business plan in place. Staying agile and responding to the market and changing customer needs is critical if you want to remain relevant and be successful. 

If you don’t have one already, you can find free sample electrical business plan PDFs online as a starting point. If you already have one, be prepared to change things as time goes on and learn more about how your target audience responds to your marketing strategies.

Should You Charge More or Find More Customers?

Need to boost revenue? It can be hard to know whether you need to start charging more or just find new customers. 

If you feel like your local area lacks electrical business opportunities, it may be time to charge more for your services so you can cover your overhead costs and make a good profit. 

However, if you see that there are untapped opportunities around, you just need to change your way of thinking to attract those leads to your business rather than the competition.

Utilizing Digital Marketing To Get More Leads

Digital marketing is hands-down the best way to get more leads for your electrical business right now. Not only does digital marketing deliver a better ROI than traditional marketing, but it is also more cost-effective, which is crucial for new businesses.

Try these digital marketing tactics to get started:

  1. SEO for Electricians - Utilize SEO strategies to help your website rank better for relevant terms like “electrician near me.”
  2. Build Strategies Around Insights - Use the data and insights from your electrician digital marketing efforts to start learning from customers.
  3. Blogging - Write professional blogs on the marketing of electrical products and about common challenges/questions customers have.
  4. Great Website UI - Design a website with the user in mind to reduce bounce rates and increase conversions, creating more electrician leads.
  5. Online Reviews - Encourage online reviews to boost brand reputation.

While this is far from an exhaustive list, it’s an excellent starting point.

Growing Your Business Online

An essential part of working on your business is growing your business online. While traditional marketing and advertising may have been enough ten years ago, it certainly isn’t now. Consumers are finding their local electrical business online, so if you’re not there, you’re missing out on tons of potential customers.

Final Thoughts

While the task might feel overwhelming at first, an electrician marketing agency can help make it easy to learn how to grow an electrical business from the ground up. Use the digital marketing tips above to get a feel for areas you should be targeting to see results and growth in your electrical business.

About the Author, Madison Taylor

Madison Taylor is the Brand Ambassador at ROK Financial. She is responsible for raising brand awareness and business relationships with business owners across the country. Madison loves that she plays a small role in getting Business Back To Business Through Simple Business Financing and looks forward to hearing what you think about the blogs she creates! Madison has been working in the financial space for six years, and loves it! When she is not at work, you will find her at home learning a new recipe to test out on her family or going on new adventures with her friends.