Are you concerned about how to grow eCommerce business in a way that helps you overcome all your competitors?

Growing eCommerce business in today’s environment requires planning and paying attention to the changing needs of customers.

When you want to know how to grow eCommerce sales, the answer also lies in learning digital strategies that result in attracting new leads.

In this article, you’ll learn everything you need to know when it comes to understanding how to grow eCommerce business 2021.

Growing Your eCommerce Business Sales in 2021

Work on these main areas when you want to know how to grow your eCommerce business.

Use Omnichannel Marketing

This strategy requires you to exist on all the channels your customers expect you to. In today’s world, customers become frustrated if they can’t talk to you and get help via all possible channels.

These channels include:

  • Text messaging
  • Email marketing
  • Website chat boxes
  • Social media customer support
  • Phone customer service

Your customers want to ask a question on your website’s chat box and then ask for the answer on your Facebook page. They expect that the person answering on Facebook knows they entered a question on the website. Your job is to integrate customer service in this omnichannel method so that communicating with your company seems seamless to customers.

Grow Internationally

If you want to know how to expand your eCommerce business, then you should start thinking internationally. Ask yourself how to personalize the experience for customers who find you from different countries.

For example, you might employ customer service reps who speak foreign languages that match the countries your customers live in.

Focusing on building web pages in different languages and competing in foreign search engine searches in Google is another way to grow internationally. Also, explore small business financing when considering ways to expand.

Third Party Marketplaces are also a great way to expand your business to different countries. For example, Amazon has fulfillment services that can ship your products and also handle customer service issues.

Focus on Customer Service

Everything you do must focus on how to improve the experience your customers go through to buy from your website. Give them customer-friendly features like free shipping or repeat-buy discounts.

Let them contact your customer service people on all channels. Make sure your policies favor the customer and give them easy ways to return products for refunds or replacements.

5 Tips To Generate Traffic & Sales

Here’s a breakdown of the top five things to know to increase your revenue.


Employ the proper search engine optimization strategies that help you outrank competitors. Improve the way you uncover keywords. Write better product descriptions. Understand user intent so that Google ranks your pages over competitor pages.

Social Media

Work on ways to increase engagement across your social media channels. Send these engaged fans to product pages for increased traffic and sales.

Use a Blog

Blogging is one of the most effective eCommerce growth ideas. However, it’s one that many eCommerce companies fail to put into place. Owners ask why customers would read a blog when they just want to buy products.

If you’re thinking this way, then you need to consider the ways your customers come to make buying decisions. Many of your customers read reviews and comparison blog posts before deciding to buy. Give them that content and then link them to your store to make their purchase.

Paid Ads

Develop paid ad campaigns that capture the attention of your best-fit customers on Facebook, Bing, Google, and YouTube. Drive that traffic to specific email opt-in offers and sales pages. Look for ways to use loans and lines of credit if you need extra funding.


Partner with influencers and get them to drive their audiences to your sales offers. Get on podcasts. Write blog posts for other big websites. Conduct webinars for partners with large audiences.

Digital Marketing Strategies To Boost Sales

Let’s discuss how to grow your eCommerce business with digital marketing. These represent some of the best methods if you need to know how to boost sales.

Create Full Sales Funnels

Don’t simply send traffic to product pages and expect great results. If you want to know how to get customers for eCommerce, then you should build out entire sales funnels. Make good use of every asset such as:

  • Opt-in landing pages
  • Thank you pages
  • One time offer pages

Use Email Marketing

Don’t send all your online traffic to sales pages. Give customers valid reasons to join your email subscriber list by using discounts, product how-to videos, and other free incentives. Growing your email list allows you to make sales on-demand when sending sales offers and newsletters.

Improve Targeting with Paid Ads

We mentioned paid ads above. Continue to improve those campaigns over time by paying close attention to which targeting segmentation methods give you the best ad ROI.

Using eCommerce Effectively in Your Business

You must become better at the very act of eCommerce when learning how to grow a successful eCommerce business is important to you. Combine all of these strategies as you learn how to use eCommerce effectively:

  • Use loyalty programs
  • Provide discounts
  • Highlight new products
  • Show social proof
  • Provide free shipping
  • Use advanced product filtering
  • Give multiple payment options

eCommerce Planning and Strategies

Build an eCommerce plan to guide all decisions into more profit. Your business plan should include:

  • Clear goals
  • A strategy to include the best technology and software
  • Ways to measure numbers and analytics
  • An understanding of all business costs
  • Methods for integrating each department into a synergistic relationship
  • A winning customer service plan
  • Quarterly check-ins to consider what changes will bring improved sales numbers

Post-Pandemic eCommerce Growth Potential

If you want to know how to improve e-Commerce business in the post-pandemic world, then work on a mobile-ready customer experience. More customers are at home and they’re using their mobile devices to make purchases. They want the ability to use social media apps on their phones, see your product offer, and easily make a purchase.

Another way to grow beyond these pandemic times is by creating a more personalized customer experience. For example, tag customers in your email service provider so you’re sure to send emails that fit their preferences.


You should now feel more equipped for how to grow an eCommerce business. Every step of the way, focus on the needs of your customers. If you use customer wants and desires as the guiding elements of pricing decisions, for example, then you shouldn’t have any issues with increasing profits.

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