Many small business owners may need additional financial support to keep their companies functioning during the coronavirus pandemic. Many look to government small business loans for assistance. Fortunately, applying for a small business loan online is simple. Of course, there are some things to avoid during the application process. 

Small Business Loan Application Basics: What to Do

When taking out small business loans due to the coronavirus, you should have all of your updated and completed financial documentation. Providing inaccurate information can get you in trouble -- and it can also impact the amount of financial relief you are eligible to receive.

You should have a clear idea of how you are using the funds you receive from the SBA grant application for your business. That said, COVID-19 small business grant programs offer financing for everything from business equipment to payroll assistance during closures.

Examples of different types of small business loans for COVID-19 include EIDL loans, SBA loans, and PPP loans.

Business Loans Do’s & Don’ts

When applying online for a small business loan due to the COVID-19 pandemic, make sure to do your research, and keep these do’s and don’ts in mind. 

Don’t Exceed Your Limits

If your business doesn’t require much overhead, now may not be the time to take out a large loan for new equipment. Plus, the cost of your SBA loan might vary depending on what you’ll need.

You should also consider only borrowing one loan at a time. Be mindful of how much income you bring in and whether the payment guidelines are manageable over the long term. 

Do Compare Your Options 

Make sure to thoroughly go through all of your loan options. By comparing lenders, you can determine which one has the best offers and terms. In most cases, business loans with online approval are the quickest and most convenient.

Don’t Stress Out

As difficult as it may be in these trying times, try to remain calm and avoid stress. Business finances can be challenging during even the best economic times. The good news is that expert financial advice can help you navigate this phase of business ownership. When you’re a business owner, stress management is extremely important for your wellbeing.

Don’t Stop at One Program

While taking out multiple loans is not always the best option, especially considering varying interest rates. Various programs can help support your financial goals, if they are needed. Many grant programs, for example, don’t require repayment. Be sure to consult with an expert to find out all your options before settling on a loan that may not best suit your needs.

What To Do Before You Apply

Before you are able to qualify for a small business loan and apply online, you’ll need to get your documents in order. Some examples of these financial documents include:

  • Personal and business loan returns
  • Personal ID
  • Personal and business bank statements
  • Balance sheet

You will also need to know your credit history, the amount you want to borrow for the loan, and your collateral capacity. Other important information to have is your business start date and your annual sales. With the proper preparation, you can apply for business financing in a few painless steps. 

Need Business Financing Help? 

If you’re ready to reach out to a financial advisor to start your application process, don’t hesitate. The sooner you apply, the sooner you can start your business recovery phase and stop worry about the future of your organization. Get your business back to business!

About the Author, Madison Taylor

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